Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To help make your gaming experience more enjoyable we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions relating to our online casino games. This page is constantly updated with the latest casino game FAQs.

The FAQ's are split into the sections below for ease of reading.

Casino FAQs:

Registration and Accounts | Mobile | New Players | Deposits | Withdrawals

Registration and Accounts

What is a Michigan Lottery Account?

An online account registered through the Michigan Lottery. This account can be used for playing games online for cash and for participating in Michigan Lottery’s loyalty program. The program is open to all US Citizens that are Michigan residents, at least 18 years of age or older and pass an identity verification process, which requires the submission of the last four digits the player’s SSN.

Help with Registering

Start by selecting "Register" or "Sign Up" from the menu where you will be prompted with a page to enter your email address and choose a password. Enter your personal information and read the terms and conditions before clicking submit.

How To Reset Your Password

Sign into your account and locate where it shows your name. Click your name, then click the CHANGE button next to the field saying password. Enter your current password along with your new password, and then click submit.

Where to find My Coupons?

Sing into your account and go to the 'My Account' section. In the drop down menu there will be an option to choose "My Coupons". Next to any active coupon you will see a button saying View Coupon which will giev you the details of how to use your coupon.

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Are There Costs Associated With Using My Mobile Device?

Data rates may apply to the use of your mobile device depending upon the terms of your wireless calling plan. There are no specific charges from the Michigan Lottery for using your mobile device instead of a desktop computer.

I already have a Michigan Lottery online account, do I need to create another one to use on my mobile?

No. You only need one Michigan Lottery account. If you signed up online using your desktop computer or your mobile phone you will be able to use the same account.

How Do I Know If I Won?

If you play Michigan Lottery games using your mobile and you win, an email will be sent to the email address on file in your Michigan Lottery account to notify you of your win. It is your responsibility to keep your email address on file with your Michigan Lottery account current.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions Or Concerns While Playing On The Mobile?

If you experience technical difficulties or have questions, please contact the Michigan Lottery customer service center at (844-887- 6836).

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New Players

Registering with a Promo Code

When signing up with a promo code you will see an option to include the code when entering your email address and password. A promo code is not compulsory for signing up.

How the Michigan Lottery Protects Your Privacy

The Michigan Lottery is concerned about keeping your confidential information safe. We provide physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect the information we process and maintain. We utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the personal information you input, and stores your information in an encrypted form behind a firewall designed to block access from outside our network.

Why You Need To Provide Part of Your Social Security Number During Registration

During registration, you will be required to enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number as part of our validation process to ensure the identity of the account holder and to further protect your account.

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How to Make a Deposit

Sing in from the menu and select the "Make deposit" option from the drop down menu. Choose your desired payment method and edit the information to add your card details. Click continue and then check the details on the deposit summary screen. If all the information is correct then click Submit and the deposit will then be confirmed if it has gone through.

How to Change Deposit Method

On the payment details screen you will see an option to CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD. Select this option and you will be able to enter new payment method information.

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How to Withdraw Funds

Sign into your account and select the "Withdraw Funds" option. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw (minimum $10) and fill out all the information of where you would like your funds to be withdrawn to. Check your details are correct and then click the submit button. If the withdrawal is successful you will see a Request received page.

How long do withdrawls take?

Requests will remain pending for up to 2 business days for initial processing. Once this is completed it will be a further 3-5 business days for additional bank processing.

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