9 Online Casino Tips and Tricks That'll Actually Help You Win

Are you hitting the jackpot enough?

Hitting the big prizes in online casinos can be exhilarating. There are loads of online casino tips on the net, but you don't want cheap tricks. You want a methodology to guide you to consistent success against the odds, especially when it comes to online slots, which are not as skill-based as other casino games.

Here, we'll provide you with a few tips on how to play online slots, but more importantly, we'll provide you with strategies to keep you ahead of the game. We can't improve your luck, but we can maximize the return on whatever luck you do have.

1) Bankroll Management

This is an obvious take, but set your bankroll limit and don't exceed it. It's the most common pitfall of online slots. Too many people get up to their limit, feel the pressure of losing money, and spend even more. If you know online casinos, you should know that you're going to lose sometimes.

The best way to maximize your bankroll is by playing the slots that make sense for your longevity. Don't play $5 spins if your bankroll is $50, or you'll be in and out of there before you realize what happened.

If you're only betting $50, then you've got to make the money last to maximize your chances of winning. Bet small and chip away at the slots.

2) Don't Believe What You Hear

A lot of so-called "slot guides" will tell you that there are hot and cold slots, meaning that if a slot hasn't paid out in a while then it's bound to hit jackpot anytime. This is a big theory in physical slots and online slots alike. Don't believe it.

Slots are randomized. Anything could happen at any time and the odds don't change based on how long it's been since a payout. If you've just hit the jackpot on one machine, that doesn't mean it won't pay out again soon. Likewise, if a machine hasn't paid out all night, that doesn't mean the jackpot is coming.

3) Always Max Bet

Max betting is avoiding regret. You'll kick yourself if you miss out on a huge jackpot because you didn't hit max bet.

Most online casinos only make the biggest prize available to the max bet. When you do this, you can cash in on multiple line winnings instead of just one.

Max bets get you max earnings. If you're playing on a progressive slot, your winnings could be massive. Ask British soldier Jon Heywood if he thinks you should max bet. He won $17 million in 10 minutes at an online progressive slot.

4) Ignore Looks

It doesn't matter what the online slot looks like, it matters how the game plays. Slots are themed to catch your eye, but don’t just judge on looks alone. Take a look at the rules and win conditions of the game before you play. If in doubt, stick to the classics.

Always look at the bonus features when you choose an online machine, as well. Bonus features can be the key to big winnings.

5) Local & Network Jackpots

It's important to be able to distinguish between local and network jackpots. The local jackpots come from the players in a single online casino. Network jackpots are generated by pooling the money from all participating casinos. They basically act like progressive slots.

Network jackpots are more appealing, but the thing to keep in mind is that you're playing against all the people playing the game on other websites, not just the one you are playing on. All of those players are hoping to win the same single jackpot pool as you, so there may be a greater chance that someone else wins it.

If you want to optimize your bankroll, stick with the lower but frequent payouts of local jackpot slots.

6) Take Advantage of Free Spins

If you've been to Vegas, you know that casinos are in heavy competition with one another to get gamblers into their building rather than the one next door. Often, they'll give out free spins to grab people's attention.

Online casinos are no different, and you should be taking advantage of them.

Not only could you theoretically win without spending any of your own money, but you can also test out slots to find out which ones are suited for your gambling style before staking any of your own money.

7) Pay Tables

Pay tables show you how much you're going to win with the varying combinations of symbols. They're pretty abstract to look at, especially if you're not a seasoned slot player. And they all vary slightly from machine to machine.

A good thing to do before you dive head first into the world of online slots is to do research into different games and their features, and get to understand pay tables. It's easy to find comprehensive reviews of online slots, and making yourself knowledgeable can go a long way to extending your bankroll.

8) Play for Free First

Try playing for free for a little while before you start taking the slots seriously. This way, you can get the lay of the land and practice your techniques without gambling any of your own bankroll. The best way to get comfortable with this stuff is to put the hours in ahead of time.
It's easy to find online practice slots that allow you to grow your knowledge of pay tables, multipliers, bankroll management and the different jackpot types.

9) Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

If you're a customer of an online slots casino, you're valued. It's no different than being a customer at a real casino. If you're spending your cold hard cash at their establishment, they'll give you first look at their perks and offers.

A bonus offer could come because of a new game or a special event. Or, it could just be because they want to keep you around.

Make sure you actually read the emails you get from the online casinos. This is where they'll send you these offers of free spins and reload bonuses. You might as well take them.

Unrealistic Online Casino Tips

If you see an article advertising guaranteed online casino tips, don't believe them. You can crunch all the numbers you want, but at the end of the day, you're playing the odds.

Online casinos are constantly audited to ensure they're conducting themselves properly and this also prevents any manipulation by customers.

Do your research, trust your gut, and stick to your limits. If you follow those three principles, you should succeed sometimes and, at the very least, have fun.

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