Biggest Michigan Prize Winners in 2018

2018 was a massive year for people winning big on Casino games in Michigan. There were 454 players who won prizes of over $25,000, with 237 of those coming on casino games and keno. That’s over one person every two days!

It didn’t take long for someone to win big playing casino games online in Michigan when one lucky player won $100,000 on January 17th. The lucky player from Oak Park won the jackpot amount playing the 25 Card Cash instant game, matching three symbols in a single line to take home the prize.

This record was equalled on February 1st when a player from Southfield won $100,000 playing “Tax Free”. As described in the title, the game awards a lump sum of $100,000 to winners in the top tier with no tax to pay. Getting to watch a $100,000 come straight into your bank account has got to feel good, right!?

Winners on different Games

A prize of $100,000 was won online four more times through the year. Interestingly all six wins came on different online casino games, showing you just don’t know which game is going to pay out the biggest prize’s week on week. In April it was Cash Buster Extreme that paid out to a player in New Hudson, followed by Instant Football Payout in July which paid a player in Prescott $100,000 for matching three prizes in a row. $100,000 isn’t a bad sum to win on Instant Football Payout just a month before the football season started!

The final two $100,000 wins came in September and October playing Volcano! and Cash Buster Bonus respectively.

The biggest instant wins of the year were three players all winning $4million each on completely separate games. The first winner, from Macomb Township, came in the October promotion raffle, followed shortly by a winner on the Max Money game in November from Lambertville. The final $4million winner came on Boxing day from Sault Ste Marie.

Instant Millionaires

Seventeen players were made instant millionaires in 2018 when 9 prizes of $2million and 8 prizes of $1million were won on a variety of offline instant win games. All the prizes were won in a range of cities across Michigan, again showing you just don’t know when the luck of the draw is going to strike!

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