The Lowest House Edge

The lowest house edge games should be targeted by online casino players in Michigan and, come to think of it, casino players everywhere, if you want to maximise your chances of winning. Here are the best casino games to play online, looking specifically at the house edge in each case.

Blackjack House Edge: ~1%

There are two games with an optimal house edge. Poker and Blackjack.

Unless you live in a state where online gambling is legal, you won't find online poker. So, blackjack it is.

But blackjack is a seemingly simple yet fun and complicated game. If you play your cards right, you could win big with Blackjack

How does Blackjack work?

Played at an arc-shaped table, Blackjack is simple on its face. You're playing directly against the dealer and not the other players.

This makes the game easy to keep track of since you don't have to worry about other players.

To increase your odds of winning, you need a strategy. While the game involves luck of the draw, certain hand combinations will be more likely to win than others.

Standard Blackjack uses a 52-card deck. Cards 2-10 are face value. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth ten each. An Ace is worth either 1 or 11 depending on what you need.

The goal is to play cards closer to 21 than the dealer without going over.

Most of the time, you get paid Evens when you win, so if you bet $5 and win, you get another $5.

Blackjack (when the first two cards dealt to you are an Ace plus any card worth ten) gives you 3-2. So, if you bet $5 and win you get $7.50.

How to Play:

You make a bet and the dealer gives each player two cards. They then deal their two cards, one faceup.

At this point, you can do several things.


You take another card. Why? Because your hand isn't anywhere near 21 and you need to get close.

If your hand is already high, hitting will more likely put you over. You can hit as many times as you wish until you reach 21 or go bust.


You've decided your hand has a high chance of beating the dealer or you're likely to go over 21 if you draw another card. You draw no more cards.

Double Down:

You double your bet and take one more card. Some casinos won't let you do this unless you have two cards that total 10 or 11.


If you have two cards of the same number, you can split them into two hands. You double your bet here too.

You play out one hand at a time until you either bust or decide to stand. In most casinos, when you split Aces you only get one more card on each, and you must stand after that regardless of how close to 21 you are.


If the dealer has an Ace, you can call "Insurance." You do this because you suspect that the dealer has Blackjack and you might lose.

You are basically making a side bet that the dealer has Blackjack. The insurance bet is worth 2-1. So you will recoup your money if the dealer has Blackjack and you have Blackjack.

By the way, insurance is almost always a bad bet because there is less than 1/3 chance the dealer will draw Blackjack on an Ace.

Craps House Edge: 1.4%

Legends tell us the game of Craps has been around since the Roman Empire. Soldiers used carved pig bones and played on their upturned shields.

The original game is extremely simple. You bet on the outcome of a dice roll.

The contemporary game is a little more complicated.

You begin by placing a bet. You have to choose between two bets on the starting roll or the "come-out roll." These bets are either "pass" or "don't pass."

As the game progresses, more bets become possible. This is the part that makes the game complex. But memorize the bets and the odds and you can form a strategy and win big.

Baccarat House Edge: 1.5%

If you're looking for a game with fewer bets to memorize, then Baccarat is your game. There's a little bit of strategy here, but not enough to give you a headache.

There are only three bets to choose from Banker, Player, or Tie.

You're betting on which hand is going to be closest to 9. The Banker is the dealer, the player is the player, and a tie is a tie.

Slots House Edge: Variable from 2%-10%

Not every slot machine is equal. This is especially true with online gambling where the government can't regulate the "machine" as easily.

But you really don't need to learn much to play slots.

You insert your money, pull a lever, and watch three tumblers roll. These tumblers feature images. Usually, three coinciding images are a jackpot.

The slots game relies on the same dopamine stimulation that happens when you open a present at Christmas. The time you spend watching the tumblers roll increases anticipation and when you get a winning or close to winning combination, you get excited.

Be careful. The house edge on some machines is much higher and you'll spend more than you win.

Roulette House Edge: 2.7-5.26%

Roulette is traditionally an East Coast game, but you will find it in any casino in Vegas.

The game pays out 35-1 on straight bets even though the numbers on the wheel go up to 37 (this is where the house gets its edge). And the game is simple as well. Pick a number, a range of numbers, or a color (red or black) and place your bet.

You will get paid different odds depending on how many numbers your bet covers. For example, a ‘split’ bet covers two numbers and pays 17/1, while a ‘corner’ bet covers four numbers and pays 8/1.

Roulette tables will usually have minimum and maximum bets.

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