Online Slots Strategy: 10 Tips and Tricks to Win Big

Slot machines often return an average payout of 90-97% to the player. Those are by far the best odds in the gambling industry, but it still means you lose money the longer you play. You can win money playing slots, but you have to know how it's done.

If you walk up to any slot machine at a casino, the house always has an edge. When it comes to online slots, things get a little more interesting, as you have more opportunities (faster play) and incentives for playing.

Don't go anywhere, we have 10 tricks to win at online slots.

1. "No Deposit" Bonuses

In the online casino world, these are known as freerolls. These are free credits or spins that allow you to play for real money. This isn't the same thing as "play money" where you can't win real cash.

Free spins on the slots allow you to learn each machine and develop your strategy. Play with this free money and try to build a bankroll to increase your bets without losing any of your own money.

2. Mind the Volatility

Volatility is a measure of pay rates and pay scaling. Low volatility means you'll get more payouts but smaller wins. High volatility gets you bigger wins but they happen less frequently.

Every machine has its own set volatility, even those within the same type, and it's important to pay attention to this setting if you want to play consistently. The only way to do so is by playing, so use free credits to get a sense of a slot’s volatility before wagering your own money.

3. Trust Online Slots

Online casinos are steadily becoming the preferred way to play slots. Ever since slot machines transitioned to digital, online slots have driven innovation, and online casinos can even make for more transparent experiences.

For example, there's no such thing as "loose" slot machines that may or may not impact win rates based on casino changes. Because of this, your slots strategy should not play into "hot" or "loose" seats online. Pick your game and stick to it.

4. Stick with Fixed Payouts

Slots pay out at either a fixed or progressive rate. Progressive rates increase gradually as more people play them, until someone wins. These are harder to hit as there are more people playing them, so more chance that someone else will hit the jackpot before you.

All other slots sit with their own jackpots that aren't influenced by other players. Again, your goal needs to be consistency and eliminating any variables that you can, so in this regard, fixed jackpots are the way to go.

5. Play During Promos

Do you want to know how to really beat the casino at their own game? Take advantage of all the promotions you can. They are primarily aimed at getting new players to try online slots, but experienced players can often take advantage of these bonuses.

Online casinos rotate through these promos, so you should try to gravitate towards slots which offer some sort of bonus. Even if these slots aren't your favorites, see to it that you learn how to play all slot types. 

6. Read the RTP

Also known as Return to Player, RTP is how much you can expect a machine to pay out. It's represented as a percentage value, which is easier to find with online slots. Some casinos don't post RTP on their machines.

Knowing the RTP can influence how you play a slot and allow you to strategize, so it could make a huge difference to how much you win. Slot RTP also varies based on fixed and progressive payouts. Always know the RTP before playing a long session.

7. Manage Your Bankroll

Without smart bankroll management, you're playing with house money. What this means is you don't have any measurement of winning based on what you're playing day to day. If you don't have a starting budget, you can't keep track of where you're at, so you’ll find it harder to tell when you’re ahead.

When playing the slots every day, you're also going to be subject to variance and emotional swings. Letting your emotions dictate your play is what’s known as playing ‘tilted.’

Sometimes a few consecutive losses can distract from the fact that you’re still up from where you started, but if you don’t keep track of your bankroll, all you’ll remember are the losses.

Most importantly, managing your bankroll well means you can set aside money for slots without wagering money you can’t afford. Never gamble with money you might need for bills or other purchases.

8. Use Play Money Periodically

Another way to avoid playing tilted is by practicing with play money. Do this whenever you feel you're on a downswing to refine your strategy, take some of the pressure off and shake off any negative moods you might get in.

Have fun while you're gambling, but stay focused. If you haven't played enough on a certain slot game to learn the basic rules, practice as much as you can. It’s risky to play thinking you’ll get lucky and win without paying attention to volatility, bonus conditions, and so forth.

9. Play Simple Games

There are slots out there that read like complex novels, with various move sets, combinations, rules, and tricky multipliers. These slots are made to appear as if they have greater odds of paying out every time. What they usually pay out is a lower percentage than other machines.

The multipliers on these machines are not only harder to land, but often multiply less than classic games. Try to stick to simple rows and straight matches. The flashier the slots, usually the lower the RTP.

10. Don't Max Bet

Max bets are encouraged by nearly every slot machine out there. The concept is simple: betting more will net you more money when you hit multipliers. The math is sound, but the psychology isn't.

The reason being is that the number of chances you have to hit a payout reduce significantly. 

When you're losing max bets consecutively, you'll quickly get stressed out, and a streak of bad luck can prevent you from bouncing back. Especially avoid max betting on high-volatility slots, as you might not have enough of a bankroll to cover the spins between wins. 

Play Online Slots Today

All forms of gambling require a bit of luck. That's what makes it so thrilling to play. Online slots are a great way to get the best odds, while playing from the comfort of your own home. 

Some slot games are easier to profit from than others. It's all down to preference and playing when conditions are in your favor. Start by checking out some of the most popular slot games online right now. 

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