Casino Reviews in Michigan

As one of the friendliest states open to gaming, there are a number of land-based casinos in Michigan that are connected to hotels and leisure resorts.

Whether you want to place a few dollars on your favorite table game, choose from hundreds of slot games, take in a show or just book a room and enjoy a bite to eat, there will be something for everyone to enjoy across the great lakes state.

How Many Casinos in Michigan?

Michigan is home to 28 casinos, ranging from smaller buildings containing just a casino to larger resorts featuring hotels, restaurants and spas.

The larger complexes are typically tribal casinos, which are situated on Indian reservation land and are regulated under a different body than its commercial counterparts.

The National Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (NIGRA) was established in 1988 to regulate tribal casinos. As such, you may find different house rules are in place for various slots and table games as well as rules on opening / closing times, age restriction, and available drinking and smoking areas at the resorts.

Commercial casinos are typically operated by private businesses and are regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

The three main Commercial casino resorts in Michigan are all based in Detroit.

One of the main differences between tribal and commercial casinos is that commercial casinos are bound by law to report its payback percentages (Return to Player) to the MGCB and pay taxes to the state which are subsequently used to support economic and educational programmes.

Casino Hotels in Michigan

All of the major land-based casinos in Michigan are resorts with hotels and other amenities and facilities to enable customers to enjoy their visit as if they were on a proper vacation.

The casinos in Upper Michigan are on Indian reservations and set in some beautiful locations close to the lakes and forest. These casino resorts offer plenty to do away from the casino tables and slot machines for those who love hiking, playing golf or taking part in water-based activities.

Visitors can also enjoy entertainment featuring music and comedy, spa's, swimming pools, restaurants, bars and much more.

There are also casinos in Detroit - Michigan's largest city. These world-class commercial casinos also offer plenty to do away from the tables and sports betting rooms.

Visitors can enjoy food halls, concert venues, restaurants, cocktail bars and sports bars.

Detroit itself is considered one of America's most cultural city's offers so visitors can take advantage of the many theaters, galleries and live music venues on offer.

Whether you enjoy playing slot games, table games, keno or sportsbooks, You'll find more details about some of the casino resort's amenities and things to do around the area in the links below.

Casinos in Upper State Michigan
Bay Mills Resort and Casino
Kewadin Casino Sault Ste. Marie
Island resort ;& Casino
Northern Waters Casino
Casinos in Detroit
MGM Garand Detroit
Hollywood Casinos Detroit
Motor City casino
Casinos in New Bufallo
Four Winds Casino Resort
Casinos in Mount Pleasant
Soaring Eagle Casino

Which are the Most Popular Casino Games in Michigan?

The most popular table games in Michigan are Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Let it Ride, Craps and Baccarat.

With respect to slot and video poker games there are thousands of different brands and formats to play, however the most popular titles are Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine, Divine Fortune, Mercy of the Gods and 88 Fortunes.

If you don't wish to wait to visit a land-based casino? Try some of the Casino Table Games and Online Slots Michigan Casino has to offer.

Are Casinos in Michigan Legal?

All the land-based casinos reviewed at Michigan Casino are legal. The land on which the casino, hotel & resort is located determines how that casino is regulated.

For casino's situated on tribal land such as casinos in Upper Peninsula Michigan, or casinos in New Buffalo, the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC)is responsible for issuing permits and regulating any gaming activity.

Casinos in Detroit that do not sit on tribal lands are considered to be commercial casinos and these are regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB).

All online casinos in Michigan, including online tribal casinos are also regulated by the MGCB, and are only available to play for residents of the state of Michigan or those visiting within the state lines.

All tax proceeds from revenues generated from land-based and online casinos regulated by the MGCB are used within the state to fund economic and educational programmes.

Due to the fact that they are recognized as sovereign states, land-based casinos regulated by the NIGC do not have to pay federal or state taxes.

What's the Minimum Age to go to a Casino In Michigan?

Many visitors to this site ask what casinos in Michigan are 18 and up?

The minimum age requirement to play casinos in Michigan depends upon which body it is regulated by and upon the casinos itself. For commercial casinos in Detroit regulated by the MGCB, the minimum age for gambling at land-based casinos is 21 years of age.

The MGCB also regulates all online gaming platforms. As such, The minimum gambling age in Michigan for internet gambling is also 21 years of age.

For Indian casinos based on tribal reserves, the minimum age is set at the discretion of the individual casinos resort. For example, at Bay Mills Resort & Casino and Soaring Eagle Casino Resort, the minimum age requirement is 18 years of age and at Kewadin Casino Sault Ste it is 19 years of age.

Are There Taxes on Casino Winnings in Michigan?

Unfortunately yes, any winnings gained playing casinos, slot games or Keno in Michigan are considered taxable income and must be included when you report your adjusted gross income annually.

You are liable to tax both at federal level (from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ) and at State level if your prize value is greater than $5,000.

At the time of writing, the amount of tax you should withhold is 24% for federal tax and 4.25% for state tax.

Can I Play Michigan Casino Games for Free?

Land-based casinos in Michigan may from time to time offer incentive to sign up for a loyalty card by offering you a free play token.  Typically, though, offering free spins or bonus money to win real money is the domain of online casinos in Michigan.

This is because of the competitive nature of online casinos that aren't tied to physical location, and are not restricted by land costs.

If you'd like to try out games for free online without having to visit a resort, sign up Michigan Casinos and collect your welcome bonus.

Are Michigan Casinos Open Now?

The land-based resorts are open 24/7 but many of the table games operate at times between 12pm-4am. You can find out the opening time for each of the casinos we review in the links below.

For truly 24/7 access you can open an account at Michigan Casino and play online.

What are Michigan Casino Payout Percentages?

Payout percentages (or Return to Player) depend upon the type of game being played. table games tend to have higher payout rates that their slot counterparts and are normally determined by the game itself with some variation for house edge.

European Roulette has a payout rate of 97.3%, whereas by throwing in an extra 'double zero' American roulette pays out 94.7%.

Slot machine payouts in land-based casinos in Michigan tend to range from between 70-90%. This percentage can also vary between commercial casinos and tribal casinos.