Casinos in Michigan

Michigan might not be as synonymous as Nevada when it comes to the casino industry, but that’s not to say that residents don’t have their fair share of licensed casinos to go and visit. In fact, Michigan is home to 26 different casinos ranging all the way from Alger to Wayne county and everywhere in between.

Many of the casinos in Michigan are connected to hotels and other luxury resorts, including golf courses, spas and high-end restaurants. This helps draw in customers from out of state but also offers residents in the state of Michigan somewhere to run off to for a quick vacation in style.

List of Michigan Casinos

With 26 options to choose from, you’re never far from a casino when you’re in Michigan. Check out the list of Michigan casinos below in alphabetical order:

Upper Michigan is home to 12 of these casinos, with three in the western region, seven in the central region and the remaining two towards the east.

Despite being the states capital, Lansing does not have a single casino, with the nearest one being the Firekeepers Casino Hotel in Battle Creek. Detroit, the states largest city, is home to three casinos; Greektown Casino Hotel, MGM Grand and the MotorCity Casino Hotel.