End Zone Payout

End Zone Payout is a what-happens-next game based on football plays, where you select the value of your bet and win cash prizes if what happens next in a game of football matches one of the fixed options of play below the video clip.

Top Prize: $20,000
Ticket Cost: $0.50 - $20.00
Odds: 1 in 3.20

End Zone Payout

End Zone Payout

How to Play

Playing End Zone Payout is simple; just fix your betting amount before any new game, play the short video clip of a football play and see if it matches one of the six options in the game interface:

End Zone Payout screenshot

The prize money attached to each play option changes on every round and you can skip the video clip and just get the result if you wanted too. You can also mute the sound. If the clip matches a winning option you win the prize money shown.


What We Thought

It was interesting to get a quick brief before the clip on who was playing and what stage of the game we were watching. The game interface is sleek and a round of play is very quick, with an extremely quick sequence of pick-your-bet-and-play. The game is not complicated and the prizes vary greatly on the play options, so it keeps things interesting for players, especially with the offer of some high prizes. All in all, End Zone Payout is easy to get into, effortless to play and fun to see if the video clip matches the prize options and if so, seeing how much you win. This is a fast game and the prizes can get pretty large if you are lucky, which is half the fun!